Company launch for Billion Token

Zug, November 4, 2021

Although decentralized finance and NFT projects like Billion Token are highly innovative and technology driven, they need a stable and safe regulatory environment to thrive. We found this environment in the Canton of Zug, Switzerland, also known as “Crypto Valley”. Zug is home to many leading cryptocurrencies and projects including Ethereum, Cardano, Aave, Polkadot or Tezos. It offers a safe and cutting-edge regulatory environment. For example, taxes can be paid in Ethereum and 4 other cryptocurrencies, there are numerous crypto business angels and venture capitalists, and there are over 5,000 experts employed in blockchain, DeFi, or cryptocurrency projects.

Today, we added Billion Token to that illustrious list of projects, as we launched an official company (Ltd) together with our advisors with legal domicile in the city of Zug. All wallets, copyrights, domain names, and contracts related to the project have been moved to the company. 

A company gives us the opportunity to reach the next level from a technological and business-related side. First, we can now sign contracts with centralized exchanges (CEX) to make $BLL available to a broader public beyond Uniswap and Pancakeswap. Second, we can pursue business collaborations with leading luxury and fashion brands to support their journey into the cryptosphere and metaverse. Third, we can establish collaborations with famous NFT artists and AR/VR agencies for next-level rNFT and Metaverse collections. Finally, the company facilitates venture capital and business angel investments into the project. 

Taken together, we believe the company launch is a major milestone that will enable far-reaching collaborations that offer significant room for growth. We are highly excited about the future of our holders and supporters and are looking forward to open the next chapter of this exciting journey!

Billion Token Team


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