Billion Token Shilling Challenge #2

We are launching the second Billion Token shilling contest! Here some details.


Start date: Monday, October 25, 8pm CET.

End date: Sunday, October 31, 8pm CET.


  • Top3, 100$ worth of $BLL each (BSC)
  • Top4-Top5, one LuxuryPunk each
  • Top5-Top10, one LuxuryPunk randomly given to one person
  • Bonus for most viewed tweet of an extra 50$ in $BLL! 



Shill Billion Token ($BLL) or LuxuryPunks in your tweets as follows: 

  1. Post a tweet containing @BillionToken AND $BLL OR #Coinmarketcap and any other hashtags and content that promotes Billion Token. For instance “@BillionToken $BLL” or “@BillionToken #Coinmarketcap”. Add additional tags as you see fit. Use our main Twitter account for inspiration for tweets. Use images from the main Twitter account and from our Telegram channel. Use pictures, memes etc. to improve the engagement on your tweets.


  2. Post a tweet containing @LuxuryPunks, #LuxuryPunks and #CryptoPunks. Use e.g., “@LuxuryPunks #LuxuryPunks #CryptoPunks” Take inspiration from @LuxuryPunks‘s tweets. Add additional tags as you see fit. Directly link to the collection on OpenSea in your tweets: Use pictures, memes etc. to improve the engagement on your tweets.

Note that you can also use both options in your shilling, post some tweets for Billion Token and some Tweets for LuxuryPunks. The Twitter API will pick up all your tweets.


We will use the Twitter API to search for tweets that contain the keywords mentioned above. All tweets are counted and grouped per shiller (i.e. Twitter account). The ranking will be determined by the number of tweets you are posting multiplied by the engagement rate these tweets are achieving. So, it is not only about the number of tweets but the number of likes and RTs each tweet receives. Therefore, the more attractive your tweets are, the higher your scoring!

We will repeatedly post the current scoring in our Telegram group. The final scoring will be determined on the end date and time. 

Reply and share your tweets to posts of crpyto influencers and any tweets that are generally viewed by people investing in crypto to increase your engagement rates and visibility of your posts!

Bonus for most viewed Tweet:

The person with the most views from one single tweet (provide proof) wins an extra $50 in $BLL (we will double-check if your numbers are legit). As a suggestion, make a tweet and share that tweet’s link in replies to other tweets. Submit your stats at the end of the contest in a DM to @BillionToken on Twitter.


There is no legal recourse. The decision will be final. Place of jurisdiction is Zug, Switzerland.

Good luck!!! Your Billion Token Team!